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Any exciting news we have to share, or if we’ll be involved in a reptile show or breeder’s expo, we’ll post it here and the dates will be on the calendar below.

Buyer Beware Warning

Anyone who is buying hatchlings in the spring, is buying IMPORTS!  Beware, as these animals may be loaded with parasites.

Because most import breeders’ standards do not match those of domestic breeders, when pet owners purchase imports they may be receiving infected animals.   The parasitic infection could result in illness, a premature death of your Tegu, and financial loss for you (your investment dollars and vet costs).

Imported Tegus are cheaper than domestic bred Tegus, which is why they are sold to you at reduced prices.  However, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Tegus that are born in Canada and the USA will be ready in June - at the absolute earliest, and are more often available after July.

If you don't believe this warning, talk to Cindy about her original Tegu - the year she spent ridding it of parasites and trying to get it to eat and grow.

Episode #193 of SnakeBytes.TV - “Canada loves snakes.” was
shot at the 2011 CRBE.  Advance (scroll) to the 6:00 minute
mark, to see a brief clip about Tegu Topia!