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In Memoriam
2:47pm - 27/Mar/2011
We know that starting a new business comes with bumps in the road, but this bump caught us completely off guard...

It is with a very broken heart that we announce the passing of our biggest Little Buddy.  On Wed. Mar. 23rd, at 3:10 pm, Skeezer (our largest male B&W) passed away quietly at Guelph University Small Animal Hospital, with Cindy by his side.

Skeezer suffered from a severe necrotic infection in his tail.  The source of the infection and what type of bacteria it was is still unknown, as the necropsy results will take several weeks to receive.  So, we don't know what the cause was nor what to warn you about.  Apparently, Skeezer went into hibernation with the bacteria and due to no circulation in his tail during hibernation (which is normal during hibernation), the bacteria ran wild and spread throughout his entire tail and back-end of his body.

Reptiles are very good at hiding that they're ill til it's way to late to save them.  Skeezer was no different.  On Sat. morning we weighed him and he looked and felt fine (to the touch).  Sunday afternoon the smell of necrotic tissue was unmistakable.  By Monday they had to amputate half his tail in an attempt to save his life.  By Wed. it had spread into his pelvis, back legs, and belly.  There was nothing left the vet could do to save him.  Cindy made the heart-breaking decision to put him down and spare him any more pain.

Skeezer didn't die in vane.  His necropsy results could save the lives of many lizards in the future.

We miss you Skeezer.

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