Housing and Caring For Your Tegu

Over the years I have collected information from many
sources and have tried many things.  This is what we do for
our Tegus.   That doesn’t mean others are wrong, it means
this is what works for us at Tegu Topia.  And hey, everyone can always learn something new!  Thank you to Johnny LaRocca and Bert Langerwerf for their invaluable additions to my knowledge.

Tegu Care 101

Taking care of a Tegu is pretty basic, however, with a large lizard comes much larger housing!

Tegus eat a wide range of food, all of which you can find at your local grocery store (except for rodents, of course).  But you can also opt out of feeding any rodents to your Tegu.

We address a Tegu’s needs within this section of our site.  If you can’t provide these basic needs to a very intelligent, large lizard with a long lifespan, then a Tegu is not for you!

We have divided this section into the following:
• General Info    • Supplies   • Indoor Housing
• Lights   • Temperatures   • Humidity   • Feeding
• Hibernation   • Cautions   • Outdoor Housing
• Building Indoor Enclosures    • Care Sheets

Feel free to click on the many icons above to read up on the various information.

Black and White Male Argentine Tegu
Tegu Topia Background First Tegu Tookii Two Red Argentine Tegu Red Argentine Tegu Yearling Red Argentine Tegu Hatching Black and White Agrentine Tegu Black and White Agrentine Tegu Enclosure Red Tegu Yearling Hidebox Hybrid Argentine Tegu Red Tegu Yearling Shedding Black and White Tegu Sleeping Yearling Argentine Tegu enclosure Cindy With Male hybrid Argentine Tegu