A Bit About Us

Tegu Topia is Canada’s premier Argentine Tegu Breeder, located in Central Ontario, Canada,
about an hour-and-a-half north of Toronto.

Through selective breeding in direct partnership with Tegu Terra (USA), our goals are to:

• Provide Canada with the highest quality Argentine
   Tegus - bred, born, and raised in Canada
• Keep up with the Canadian demand for these highly
   intelligent, wonderful reptiles
• Discourage importing sick Tegus from Argentina
• Develop a program where unique Tegus bred in
   Canada and the USA will be available to all of us

Our breeding stock includes Reds, Black & Whites,
and Hybrids, from Agama Intl., Tegu Terra, and Argentina.  We are hoping to have baby Reds, Black & Whites, and possibly something brand-new, available in late-summer or early-fall!

All of our Tegus are housed in pristine indoor
enclosures with brick patios and MVBs (to provide heat and UVB).  They are transferred to outdoor
pens during warm, sunny, summer days, where
they are constantly supervised.

Since we live in a colder climate than their native Argentina or the southern USA, and as we share our property with Black Bears who can get into any type of outdoor pen we could possibly build, keeping our Tegus outdoors, even during the summer months, would be dangerous to their health.

Our Tegus are hibernated indoors for the winter,
with the temperatures and humidity monitored.

Hybrid, Red, Black and White Agentine Tegus